Get involved

Look around your community.
Take positive action.

Prince Edward Island women are smart, capable, and qualified for elected office.

It is vital that more women become directly involved in the process of governance — in elected office, within party politics at federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government, and in community leadership.


The PEI Coalition for Women in Government provides an excellent resource for women interested in participating in political leadership.

Organize to Lead: A Political Guidebook for PEI aims to provide Island women with practical information on entering the political arena. The guide is designed to be useful to women interested in leadership beyond municipal, provincial, and federal government, including agencies, boards, and commissions, school boards, and band councils. The guidebook is published with the financial support of Status of Women Canada. ​​

​​​Honouring Our Differences: Gender and Diversity Analysis is a guide that introduces the basics of using a gender and diversity lens to plan actions in the community. Download the guide

Resources for Students and Youth

Contact your local MP or MLA to find out if they have a constituency youth council.

Other Resources

  • Elections PEI - find historical election results, electoral maps, and guide to elections
  • Engage PEI - find information about provincial agencies, boards, and commissions
  • PEI Coalition for Women in Government - learn about this organization working to increase opportunities for women to be elected to all levels of government


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